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Subject: Querying of Scheduling capabilities

Some uses of WS-Calendar may be restricted in their ability to handle complex schedules. For example, a constrained device may be able to accept a single occurrence of a meeting, or a simple meeting occurrence. Some of the more complex schedules (1st Tuesday of the Mont except when there are 5 Tuesdays in a month and then 1st and 3rd Tuesday) may be limited again. For campus scheduling there is, of course “M-W-F at 11:00 for one hour for the next 17 weeks except during Fall Break when we skip the M and W meeting”


I feel this must have been dealt with already in Calendar Interoperation.


1)      Do we have a web service defined to query about scheduling capabilities?

2)      How should an instance such as the campus calendar be scheduled? Schedule and Immediately drop vacation days? If so, can dropping the vacation days be added back to the initial service request?

3)      If a standard is conformed to not support com[lex schedules, how does a service offering that specification inform it partners?




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