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Subject: Re: [obix] Unification of the sub-committees

I agree. 


On Jun 2, 2010, at 4:40 PM, Brian Frank <brian.tridium@gmail.com> wrote:


On Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 10:18 AM, Considine, Toby (Campus Services IT) <Toby.Considine@unc.edu> wrote:

In the early days of oBIX, we fragmented into a number of sub-committees, for reasons that seemed important at the time. Today, there still remains the active OBIX-XML subcommittee only.


I want to propose that we eliminate all sub-committees and roll everything back into the one committee. Today’s structure is a barrier to oBIX acceptance and visibility. Visitors to oBIX see no activity or meetings for years, and think oBIX has died. No one guesses that oBIX-XML work which had a productive 2009. Placing al new work in an ongoing and more visible document repository would be better than what we are doing now.


We used the subcommittee approach in part to manage membership and attendance requirements. We can handle that more easily by declaring some full committee conference calls to be working meetings, in which matters are discussed, but at which no votes are taken. I have used this approach with good effect in several other OASIS TCs and propose that we do the same here.


Comments, suggestions / brickbats this week, and I will put up an official vote on Friday unless the TC talks me out of it.




"If something is not worth doing, it`s not worth doing well"
Peter Drucker

Toby Considine

Chair, OASIS oBIX Technical Committee
OASIS Technical Advisory Board
U.S. National Inst. of Standards and Tech. Smart Grid Architecture Committee

Facilities Technology Office
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC


Email: Toby.Considine@ unc.edu
Phone: (919)962-9073


blog: www.NewDaedalus.com



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