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Subject: Re: [obix] Interoperability question?

I believe the correct behavior is to return an <err> on the next poll with the BadUriErr contract 

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 12:20 PM, Gemmill, Craig <craig.gemmill@tridium.com> wrote:
Hi everyone-
Regarding the "list of interoperability issues", here is an interoperability question that has come up recently.
Scenario:A client creates a watch on the server, then begins polling it for changes.  Then at some point, the point being watched is removed from the server.  Should the server then provide some indication to the client in the next pollChanges() that this point no longer exists?
If so, what form should that indication take?
My inclination would be that this would be important information for the client to have, because otherwise it will continue thinking that the point is still holding the original value, which is no longer a valid assumption given that the point does not exist.  But, the format of this indication would need to be defined I think, since "point removal" indications could easily be interspersed with regular point value updates.
Maybe we should create a list on the TC site that tracks these issues?  Or maybe just add each one as a separate oasis issue?  Toby, what would work best from a documentation standpoint?

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