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Subject: Consensus for the oix agenda

I received this note today on sharing building configuration data. To my mind it ties nicely to the issues in the note Chris just (as I am typing) sent to the list.

We may want to discuss this in our next meeting.


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Subject: [New Daedalus] Work Plan for oBIX 2.0

Steve Jones <sejones@thes4group.com> (Unregistered) added Work Plan for oBIX 2.0:


 It looks like this activity fits in nicely with the LinkedIn discussion that I started in the automatedbuildings.com group.

 I know that you have commented on that discussion. But, I’d like to invite your committee members to join in on that discussion titled Legacy Building Automation Systems Integration to the cloud. Here is a link that will take you directly to that discussion. See http://lnkd.in/dKJ9k3. As the discussion evolved I realized that I narrowed the scope of the discussion too far with the original title and that we really needed to look at Publishing Building Automation Systems Data to cloud based services, in general.

 We have been receiving frequent requests for our S4 Open Appliances to act as an on-site agent for cloud-based services and I am trying to determine if there is a defacto, or formal, standard for delivering building configuration information and data to a cloud-based service. If not, are there best practices evolving that might eventually lead to standards in this area?

 Thank you in advance for any ideas or comments that you can add to the discussion.


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