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Subject: RE: [obix] Groups - oBIX 1.1 XML Schema: NIEM Refactoring WD03 uploaded (UNCLASSIFIED)

I'm confused (again)

When I first looked as Markus's comment, I thought "This is too wordy
because they are not using Groups"

I began hand-writing an update to the schema using groups.

Then I saw this comment.


What is the groups issue?


-----Original Message-----
From: obix@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:obix@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf
Of Bogen, Chris ERDC-RDE-ITL-MS
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 8:38 AM
To: Markus Jung; obix@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [obix] Groups - oBIX 1.1 XML Schema: NIEM Refactoring WD03

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

I probably made some mistakes in refactoring that lead to some of these
issues, but some of this is obviously a limitation of the NIEM constraints -
e.g. not being able to use groups at all (that's a pain for sure).  I also
think the benefits are limited and may not be worth it for oBIX - especially
at the cost of changing the element names.  

I overlooked the child element issue and that is a major problem.  

I don't feel strongly about making oBIX NIEM-compliant, but can offer
assistance in doing so.  I suggest that we follow the guidelines that don't
break the schema and provide rationale for the rules that we did not follow.


-----Original Message-----
From: obix@lists.oasis-open.org [mailto:obix@lists.oasis-open.org] On Behalf
Of Markus Jung
Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 4:11 PM
To: obix@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [obix] Groups - oBIX 1.1 XML Schema: NIEM Refactoring WD03

Hi Chris,

1. Since the benefits of using NIEM are rather limited I suggest to not
apply it.

2. I have identified a major problem in your schema which I have also faced

This constructs:

<xs:element name="Obj" type="obix:ObjType"/>

<xs:complexType name="ObjType">
            <xs:extension base="ObixComplexType">
                    <xs:element ref="Obj"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Bool"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Int"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Real"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Str"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Enum"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Abstime"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Reltime"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Date"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Time"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Uri"/>
                    <xs:element ref="List"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Ref"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Err"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Op"/>
                    <xs:element ref="Feed"/>

leads to the situation that if you want to transfer for example an bool
object you have to use the following XML fragment:

    <Bool val="true"/>

3. The problem
The issue is the xs:choice element that is a complex content of the ObjType
type which is refered by the Obj element.
First I tried to use XML schema inheritance to map the oBIX object model.
But the problem are the value object types. 
They have the "val" attribute and it changes depending on the concrete type.
The change of a property type in a sub class is not possible in Java, so
this is not working if we have the Val type as base class. If we leave Val
type away it is possible, however the use of inheritance leads to an
unconvinient encoding, for example by JAX-WS.

This was the reason why I modeled every oBIX value object type as separate
complex type and used this xs:group mechanism with xs:choice to realize this
kind of object inheritance. 

The issue now is that we need a wrapper element since this choice can only
be used for content of an element and not for the element type itself.

4. The solution
If we introduce a response element within the wsdl that acts as a wrapper
for the xs:choice construct the whole thing works. Unfortunately this breaks
the existing draft. But I think the change is not so dramatic. 

5. Child nodes not supported
Your current schema does not support child nodes. This need to be supported
for all none base value object types and especially for list types.

6. WSDL verification
You can verify your WSDL using tools like SOAP UI (www.soapui.org). It
allows you to generate mocked SOAP web services and test requests which I
found rather helpful.

I will upload my schema together with the WSDL (obix_1.1_schema_mj)  as
support for fixing the above mentioned issues. But after looking into NIEM I
would suggest not to use it since the XSD gets more complex and unreadable
through it. The provided WSDLs are working in our proof of concept
implemenation and you can have a look on possible SOAP interaction through
Java here: https://code.google.com/p/iotsys/wiki/SOAPinteraction - it is
illustrated how to read the about object or to query a temperature history. 


Am 14.06.2013 15:14, schrieb Chris Bogen:

	Submitter's message
	My final revision to the 1.1 schema for now. This .zip includes a
revised wsdl that references the NIEM compliant schema and defines a
separate schema file for the wsdl types.
	My recommendation here (as in the core xsd) is to drop the extension
of the NIEM ComplexObjectType. For illustrative purposes I wanted to
demonstrate full conformance to NIEM extension specs, so the extension is
present in the working draft. 
	Honestly I think NIEM is even less important in the context of the
wsdl though it's perfectly fine to import a NIEM conformant oBIX core
	In the deliberations I recommend that we weigh the benefits of NIEM
conformance with the impact on existing oBIX XML bindings. The NIEM
revisions will break existing xml bindings because of the upper case element
names. We can get around that issue by providing a second schema that
provides substitution groups with the old lower case element names. Also we
can provide xslt to and from 1.0. 
	-- Chris Bogen
Document Name: oBIX 1.1 XML Schema: NIEM Refactoring WD03


This is a NIEM conformant refactor of Markus J.'s oBIX 1.1 xsd working
draft. The oBIX schema files, NIEM dependencies, and log of NIEM conformance
errors (relevant to original xsd draft) are included.

Working Draft 2 Notes: Alphabetically sorted and grouped declarations.

Working Draft 3 Notes: Added revised WSDL and supporting NIEM compliant WSDL
type schema (oBIX_SOAP_Types.xsd).

Note: Need to add annotations for each type. 
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link


Submitter: Chris Bogen
Group: OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) TC
Folder: Standards
Date submitted: 2013-06-14 06:14:05
Revision: 2

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Jung
Research Assistant
Tel. +43 1 58801-18322
Fax +43 1 58801-18391
Institute of Computer Aided Automation
Treitlstr. 1-3/4. Stock/E183-1
Vienna University of Technology

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO

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