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Subject: PR01 and collecting comments

All forms and paperwork (is there a new word that feels the same if it is all web-work?) and correspondence for the PR01 of the for 1.x oBIX specifications in flight is now in the hands of the TC Administrators. We had a very large list of others who were to get the PR notice directly this time; thanks to all who submitted those addresses.


As I mentioned two meetings ago, I was asked to describe what oBIX will look like by Automated Buildings magazine. Of course, there is no consensus until we are done, and as a chair I hate to pre-judge. I was loathe to share this with the TC until we had gotten the PR01 out of the door, lest it be a distraction. Soon.


Comments will come in to the oBIX-comments distribution list. As a TC member, you are *NOT* automatically subscribed to this list. I urge you to subscribe.


We prefer 3rd parties to submit their own comments, particularly if they are not part of the corporate entities that are formally participating in OASIS. This is for IPR management. Submission to the obix-comments list grants the TC the right to use/incorporate that comment. Notes from friends or passed under the transom are of uncertain IP provenance. Folks should not be shy about subscribing and submitting. We, in OASIS, like more perspectives.



Now is the time to read these documents closely and to log comments. While you can send them to the TC, it is better to send them to the obix-comments list. This allows us to search the distribution list, and make sure we got them all. Please make your comments on the PR01 version of the documents. If you do not, please make sure you make note of the version of the PDF you are making comments on. Eventually, all comments will be moved to the OASIS Issue Tracker, aka “Jira”



Select the link for “Issue Tracker”

Log in.

If you have not used Jira before, your login should match your OASIS login. It is a separate security system, though. The transfer is not automatic. I may have to request that your account be set-up. Let me know.

One issue that frequently arises is that Jira seems to prefer all user names be lowercase, and the first letter of the password to be lower case. I’m not sure why, but it will give you something to try if at first you can’t get in.


Instead of submitting to the comments list, you could submit your comments into Jira.  If you do, please make sure you fill in the meta-information correctly. We owe a response to all commenters on what we did with the comments.  Jira does not have a field to track this. It does, however, have the freeform text field “Environment”, which is of no use to us. We will use this field for the name of the submitter. If you are submitting your own stuff, be sure to put your name there.


Other critical meta-data includes:

Product: “Obix 1.1 Specification”. “REST Specification”; “SOAP Specification”; “Encodings”. Don’t Use Obix 2.0 yet.

Version: I have left out all the versions to date, but will add the ones that we have going forward.

This can be complicated. If we get more than a few, I have an experienced OASIS Jira contractor who has worked several OASIS projects through Jira and who can make sure we do this consistently (I guess that is an argument for putting everything in obix-comments)


Other meta-data issues:

Bug/Improvement/Task/New Feature

Assignee (assigns task to someone – o not required for initial entry)


Once in Jira there are comments, proposals, an issue life-cycle, and some other complexities. Please do not mess with them yet. We can have a meeting with a shared screen and a Jira walk-through. Eventually, as a committee, we will accept proposals, mark them as resolved, and vote, as a group, to approve and close all resolved issues. Suffice it to say, for now, don’t mess with the Issue Life-Cycle yet.


To honor the process, we should not work on these documents while they are out for Public Review. We can, however, work on obix 2.0



"Energy and persistence conquer all things." -- Benjamin Franklin

Toby Considine
TC9, Inc

OASIS TC Chair: oBIX & WS-Calendar

OASIS TC Editor: EMIX, Energy Interoperation

SGIP Smart Grid Architecture Committee


Email: Toby.Considine@gmail.com
Phone: (919)619-2104

blog: http://www.NewDaedalus.com


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