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Subject: OBIX-26

Hi all-


OBIX-26 is a comment by Ludo, so this is mainly directed to him, but I’m including the list on it, so everyone can contribute.  I think this is something we could resolve outside of TC conference time.


This issue is about the attributes of oBIX objects, and the distinction of being labeled a “facet”.  What does that mean?  The specific comments are (you can just read them in the issue, but I’ve pasted them in for quick access):


-- "Facets" is described as a set of attributes in the text on line 279, but is not shown on Figure 1. It is suggested that the facet attributes be identified as such in Figure 1 and it is suggested that they be grouped together. 

-- Many of the attributes for facets as described in 4.18.1 through 4.18.11 are identical to those shown in Figure 1 (e.g. display, displayName) for obix::obj but not all (e.g. min, max). It is suggested an explanation or clarification be given why not all attributes are shown. 

-- An explanation should be given or significance of why some attributes are considered "facets" while others are not; e.g. perhaps a clear description of the facet group would be appropriate.


My question:

Can you clarify how min/max as described in sections 4.18.x are not identical to the way they are shown in Figure 1?  They appear identical to me.


My understanding is that facets are simply attributes of the object – perhaps it means attributes besides the ‘val’ attribute?  So I see no real distinction between attributes and facets.



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