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Subject: Re: Figure 4-1 needs an update

Craig -

I'm on the road right now, back Thursday (may be able to call in to the meeting).

I'll look at the changes and update; what WD will this be for?



On 9/24/13 4:04 PM, Considine, Toby wrote:

I think versioning the image is useful until it stabilizes. Nothing is more annoying (I know from bitter experience) than letting an old version of a key diagram creep into a spec. When it stabilizes, and long before the next public review, we should remove the version.




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Subject: [obix] Figure 4-1 needs an update




I think we need to modify Figure 4.1 some.  I believe obix:feed should specify the “of” attribute instead of the “out” attribute.  Also, could we remove the tag in the upper left corner specifying “class obj obix-v1.1-wd13”, as this references a working draft doc?  If you could provide a png, jpg, or whatever, I’ll be happy to stick into my next working draft.





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