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obix message

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Subject: Groups - obix-v1.1-wd15.pdf uploaded

Submitter's message
Hi everyone-

I've uploaded several versions of WD15. There is a clean Word copy (rev0), a PDF with all the changes (rev1) which contains comments on which issue is addressed by the changes, a PDF with the changes all accepted but the issue comments still in place (rev2), and the final clean PDF with changes accepted and comments removed.

Please note this is NOT the final version. Please ignore the problems with section & table headings for now - Word auto-generation of Table of Tables is pretty terrible at handling after-insertion table captions. I will get that fixed.

Looking mainly for feedback on the language changes. Also, if you have any input on the remaining issues please add your comments.

-- Mr. Craig Gemmill
Document Name: obix-v1.1-wd15.pdf

Working Draft 15. Some issues remain with Tables of Contents, Figures, and
Tables. Six JIRA issues not yet addressed.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Craig Gemmill
Group: OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) TC
Folder: Standards
Date submitted: 2013-10-01 06:08:05
Revision: 3

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