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obix message

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Subject: Groups - obix-v1.1-wd20.pdf uploaded

Submitter's message
Hi everyone-

Sorry for the late notice, was trying to give people a chance to comment on refs vs. no-refs. I created both versions, although I much prefer the refs version, so that is the one you get if you just download the link - it is the "latest" revision. There are several revisions available here:
"refs" means it has references to companion docs like OBIX Encodings, OBIX REST Bindings, etc.
"noRefs" means these non-normative references are removed and the text has been massaged to remove them where possible - see Section 5.4.X for places where it was not possible, and motivation for why I think they should remain.
obix-v1.1-wd20.docx (Word version with refs, no change tracking)
obix-v1.1-wd20-changes-noRefs.pdf (PDF version with no refs, change tracking)
obix-v1.1-wd20-noRefs.pdf (PDF version with no refs, no change tracking)
obix-v1.1-wd20-changes.pdf (PDF version with refs, change tracking)
obix-v1.1-wd20.pdf (PDF version with refs, no change tracking)

-- Mr. Craig Gemmill
Document Name: obix-v1.1-wd20.pdf

OBIX v1.1 Core Spec, Working Draft 20
* WebSockets watch changes incorporated into core
* WebSockets doc reference included
* see noRefs version if we decide to remove refs to companion docs
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Craig Gemmill
Group: OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) TC
Folder: Standards
Date submitted: 2013-12-04 13:12:54
Revision: 4

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