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Subject: Examples versus Contract Definitions

Re: WD34 clean document.

Section 1.6, Lines 340-341 indicate that grayed boxes such as on Line 342 are to be used to show "Examples".

Following that, the next three grayed boxes are in fact Examples: Lines 407-411, Lines 435-450, and Lines 476-491.

However, the grayed box in Section 4.2, Line 580 is not an Example but is a Contract Definition.

Following that, some of the grayed boxes are Examples, and some are Contract Definitions.

Using the same type of grayed box for both Examples and Contract Definitions can lead to a lack of clarity and is especially confusing when grayed boxes were noted to be used for Examples, but was not noted for Contract Definitions.

It is suggested that a different type of box be used for Examples versus Contract Definitions to clarify the difference between the two, and to aid new readers to understand the difference.  This will help to identify Examples (versus Contract Definitions) when not specially mentioned, but implied, such as in Section, Line 666.  This will also help with the understanding of the Lobby Contract Definition that we have discussed in Section 5.1, Lines 886-893.


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