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Subject: OBIX REST update....

Markus, Craig:


We intend to vote all specifications our for final (we hope) public review next week. It appears that the latest REST document is WD09, which has already gone out for public review. Does this need any changes, is it complete, and consistent with the latest schema?


If no changes are required, we can leave it untouched, and reference it during the public review. If so, we still need to report all comment resolution from the last public review. (Can be “there were no comments, so no changes were made).


If you do make another version, we need a complete package (WD10) to vote out. We need:


1)      An editable source (the docx)

2)      A normative source (the PDF with line numbers)

3)      A HTML version

4)      A document indicating the changes since the last public review (this would be a diff from WD09)


If WD09 is complete as it is, we are done.


We also need a comment resolution report from Jira. Let me know when all Jira associated with this specification is complete so I can prepare that document.




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