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Subject: Obix By Example



I’ve gotten a start on the Obix By Example doc, so I will post something, even if it is only a partial doc, by tomorrow evening.  The down side is this has caused me to read the spec more closely, and I’ve noticed some items that appear to have slipped through in our frenzy to get this out.  Looking at the Lobby contract def, we have encodings as a list of str, bindings as a list of str, and tagspaces as a list of uri.  Then, in 5.5.2, we describe how to do versioning (albeit in a non-normative way).  The examples here use bindings, as a list of uri (NOT str).  Then in 5.5.3, we say encodings is a list of str, but then say the value of the uri.  It seems that in changing between the different ways to represent these lists, the author has not applied the changes consistently across all the places where it appears.  Section 5.5.4 describes bindings as a list of uri (NOT str).


So it seems I need to go through this section a little more closely to make everything consistent.  Originally I had the idea to use URIs for everything, but Brian Frank made a good point in OBIX-212, that using the name of the MIME type in the uri name wouldn’t work, so we moved that to be a str for a good reason.




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