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Subject: Some observations on obix v1.1 PR doc (WD38)

In working on the white paper for example OBIX implementations, I came across a few issues with the current PR doc.  Please don’t reply to this email as it will be better to address them with separate email threads.  I will shortly create JIRA issues for each of the items, and then we can launch separate threads if need be, to discuss each of them.


BTW, Toby, can you create a PRD02 component for the various docs, so I can mark these items against that?  In the interim, I can mark it against WD38.


·         Section 5 is somewhat inconsistent – the Lobby contract defines bindings as a list of str, but in the examples later in Section 5.5.3 it describes the bindings as a list of uri.  There are a few other inconsistencies, of the same nature, in Section 5, which ought to be cleaned up.

·         I noted that the requirement to put the version and/or retrieval time in as a child element sort of violates the rule about Extent in 9.3, which is that you only use non-refs for primitive children with no further extent; complex children should generally be represented with refs.  Conceptually I think it’s important not to have to ask again for these additional details, but it is the first place a client looks, and it violates the rule.  The ‘rule’ is a should, not a must, so it’s not a definite problem, but still worth noting and considering.

·         The namespace location seems to be different for the core, than what is referenced in the encodings doc – not sure if that’s okay, or if one is (or both are) wrong:

o   core: http://docs.oasis-open.org/ns/obix/201410

o   encodings: http://docs.oasis-open.org/obix/ns/201312/schema (for the core spec), and http://docs.oasis-open.org/obix/ns/{short-identifier and version}  (for the encodings spec)

o   at the least, I think a specific version needs to be used in the encodings spec, and this should be the same for the core as for the companion standards.

·         What should the xsi:schemaLocation be in the xml root object’s attributes?  This seems unclear to me from what we have in the specification so far.





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