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Subject: Contract questions

I’m trying to put together WD42, based on my (unfortunately incomplete) notes from last meeting’s discussion.


One of the discussion points was about the names “Contract”, “Contract Object”, and “Contract List”.  I thought I was okay with the name change of

·         Contract -> Contract Element

·         Contract List -> Contract

·         Contract Object being fully defined.

This seems to help minimize the ambiguity over whether a Contract List is an obix:list (it isn’t).  However, this vocabulary becomes quite cumbersome, because then, everywhere in the specification where it talks about “Contracts”, we now need to say “Contract Elements”.  It makes the wording sound rather awkward to me.


So, I would propose we not do that.  It really seemed to me to just be a name change anyway, as the concepts are essentially the same.  The compromise I would suggest is to come up with a different name for “Contract List”, using a synonym for the word ‘list’ to make it clear this is not an obix:list.  I thought it would be a little easier to find an appropriate replacement than it this (‘Contract Gazette’ doesn’t quite work, I think), but maybe something like ‘Contract Group’, or ‘Contract Sequence’ would work.


I can post a WD42, probably tomorrow, but it would likely be incomplete, as I am not sure it’s worth changing Contract to Contract Element everywhere.  Just read the beginning of Section 7 with this change…


Also, regarding the definition of ‘Contract Object’, I believe Contract Object is the same thing as Contract Definition.  When I went to write up the definition, I saw the best definition staring me in the face, one line above.  So, I propose changing instances of Contract Object to just be Contract Definition.


I would like to meet Thursday.  If I get feedback on this, I’ll make the change.  Otherwise, I may just try to make changes for the remaining JIRA issues.  I believe that I had questions on several other issues to discuss last time, but we spent the entire time talking about the Contract issue so they missed out.






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