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Subject: Thursday's Meeting

I fully expect that WD42 will be uploaded later tonight and that it will be the draft we vote on fir the last public review…


Craig has done a superb job of making this specification clearer and more conformable. I spent the last three days (in part) looking at applications already based around 1.1, especially those using the new tagging and namespace functions. I had more conversations than I would have expected about what folks plan to do with the tagging and namespaces. Some of the “pauses” in specification writing involved wide attempts to program against the spec and detailed feedback.


I know it is quick turn-around, but please read the spec when it comes out. I know that the UML will not match the final spec yet, but if that is the only shortcoming, then the XSD will guide the final UML alignment, and WD43 will be  voted out for public review next week. This means now is the time to do a white-glove inspection of  the spec..


In the OASIS process, WD è Committee Spec è Public Review è Committee Specification.


Let get ready.




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