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Subject: Re: [ocpp] OASIS OCPP: Use Cases for show message on Charge Point wanted

Hi Robert,

Gridscape offers a Payment Kiosk (see datasheet attached) that is NIST HB44 compliant that works with any EVSE with or without display. We also have worked with several EVSE to display prices on the EVSE (if possible).

We have several deployments of this Kiosk with EVSEs in the US. 




Vipul Gore
President & CEO
Gridscape Solutions

46705 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538
Office: 510 894 6030 | Cell: 510 366 6336



On Mon, Nov 7, 2016 at 8:28 AM, Pierre SACRE <Pierre.Sacre@schneider-electric.com> wrote:



This is a requirement from NIST in the US. Following on the F2F meeting, SCE shared with all of us the NIST requirement and there is a fair few use cases in there.


Also this is where the tie with currency comes in. From a US perspective at least, we need to display prices before the charge starts and a final tally of the cost of charge at the end of the transaction.






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Subject: [ocpp] OASIS OCPP: Use Cases for show message on Charge Point wanted


Hi All.


There was an idea for a CR about sending a message/text to a Charge Point that should be displayed on the Charge Point if it has a display.

Are there companies in this TC with use cases for this? Requirements?


Can you please provide these? 

Kind regards,
Robert de Leeuw


Hoge Ham 85

5104 JC Dongen


John F. Kennedylaan 3

5555 XC Valkenswaard

T: +31 6 2857 2123
E: robert.de.leeuw@ihomer.nl

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