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Subject: Re: [ocpp] Groups - OCPP Device Management Profile proposal uploaded


* Robert de Leeuw <robert.de.leeuw@ihomer.nl> [161111 11:13]:

> I have just uploaded a new revision of the Device Management Profile proposal. 
> Most of it is done, some minor open items (marked TODO)  

As we've been discussing time a little bit recently, I've one remark on
the DM profile.

Clock.NetworkAddress can list an NTP-server for time synchronization.

1) If no NTP-server exists Clock.NetworkAddress, how is that one
represented? NonExisting är some other values? (It might very well
happen that I need to go back and read the full OCPP spec for this).

2) There could be occasions when you want the CP to use NTP, but you
want a DHCP-server to supply the NTP-server address. We need a value to
indicate that situation, e.g. Clock.NetworkAddress=dhcp or auto?


Anders Darander		Senior System Architect
ChargeStorm AB		Tel: +46 702 44 84 36
Hospitalsgatan 3	E-mail: anders@chargestorm.se
602 27 Norrköping	Web: www.chargestorm.se

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