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Subject: Re: [ocpp] OCPP Not Authorized Reason

* Robert de Leeuw <robert.de.leeuw@ihomer.nl> [161113 18:21]:

> I see 2 possible solutions:

>    - 1: Add more statuses to AuthorizationStatus
>       - Pros: simple, only extend the enumeration, Charge Point can
>       implement messages that fit the display.
>       - Cons: how do we know we have all the possible reasons (Not enough
>       pre-paid amount, Fast Charging not allowed?)
>    - 2: Add a extra optional string field: StopReason to IdTagInfo.
>       - Pros: everything possible reason can be given.
>       - Cons: Central System needs to know display size of the Charge
>       Point. How about non ascii-character sets, use UTF-8?. Central
> System might
>       need to know the language if the user is unknown, and has select
> a language
>       on the Charge Point.

> I tend to lean to option 1... All this UTF-8 and display size stuff makes a
> more complex solution.... But on the other hand, we might need to go into
> that for messages anyway....

I'd say we'd go for option 1, for all the standard messages, like normal
responses to authorization req.

We're likely going to need to add free-text also, but in that case, the
CS really don't know what the CP will be able to show. I can easily see
CP's with displays that's really limited in size and character sets.
(I've made PoC's earlier with displays that has ASCII and 6 slots for
freeform characters). Thus, all standard messages should really be

> Do you guys see a good reason why we should or should not go for one of
> these options?

Simplicity, and predefined texts.


Anders Darander		Senior System Architect
ChargeStorm AB		Tel: +46 702 44 84 36
Hospitalsgatan 3	E-mail: anders@chargestorm.se
602 27 Norrköping	Web: www.chargestorm.se

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