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Subject: OASIS OCPP TC advisory ballot results and OASIS response

Dear members of the OCPP TC:

The advisory ballot run by OASIS staff to query TC members on their interest in a potential restart of the project under a different (RAND) minimum licensing requirement closed last night.  Those members who voted overwhelmingly expressed their opinion against participating in a RAND mode project:

OASIS previously disclosed the litigation threats made by ChargePoint, Inc. to OASIS and the Open Charge Alliance in its notices posted here:

As our staff noted at a recent TC meeting, those threats require OASIS to take one of three paths.  We may either continue the committee with its current requirement of a royalty-free non-assertion commitment, with the possibility (but not certainty) of substantial and sustained litigation defense; reopen the project in a RAND licensing commitment mode, or close the committee.

We have consulted with stakeholders and counsel to inquire how the project's technical goals may best be met by those options.  OASIS expresses no opinion on the validity or authenticity of the threatened litigation, nor the likelihood of its eventual success.  OASIS has no reason to believe that any inappropriate intent or actions have been taken in the formation or operation of the OCPP project.  However, as a neutral standards-setting host organization, it is not OASIS' role to assess, defend or adjudicate such allegations, and no other stakeholder has proposed adequate means to protect OASIS in any process going forward.  We understand from the advisory ballot that a re-launch of the project under a different minimum licensing rule is not desirable to the current participants.

Accordingly, as authorized by our Board of Directors and our rules, OASIS will close the OCPP technical committee as of today, December 23.  Our [ocpp-comment] mail list will remain open, as is our usual practice, and will be available as a communication channel for stakeholders who wish to discuss any future plans to transition or collaborate.  We wish the OCPP project well, and are very grateful for all of the technical work, contributions, time and thought invested in that project by this committee's participants.

Regards JBC

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society

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