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Subject: Non-updatable properties?

From http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/odata/v4.0/os/part1-protocol/odata-v4.0-os-part1-protocol.html#_Toc372793719, section 11.4.3 Update An Entity


Key and other non-updatable properties, as well as dependent properties that are not tied to key properties of the principal entity, can be omitted from the request. If the request contains a value for one of these properties, the service MUST ignore that value when applying the update.”


Is there a definition of what “other non-updatable properties” means elsewhere in the spec?  I haven’t had much success finding a reference.


I’m trying to understand this section of the spec to answer a specific use case: 


Is a PUT request allowed to change the odata.type of the entity? 


Clearly this is not allowed by PATCH and MERGE because they operate on the original object, but for PUT I’m not sure. I would like to say no, the entity type should not be altered in any kind of update, but since PUT requires complete replacement of the original entity, constructing a different type in its place is not beyond the realm of possibility.


Are there OData implementations that allow changing the type of an entity in a PUT?







Danny Thorpe

Authorization Architect

Dell | Identity & Access Management, Quest Software


Quest Software is now part of Dell.



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