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Subject: Parameter implicit aliasing

Hi all,


We have encountered some use cases where it would be nice to be able to use parameter aliasing without explicitly needing to assign an alias. One such use case we ran into was a function that took a start and end DateTimeOffset. Since DateTimeOffsets contain colons, some runtimes (such as http.sys) put protections into place because of security issues.


Between this and the fact that the parameter already has a name, I would suggest we consider allowing implicit aliasing of parameters. Given a function int Add(int a, int b), the OData protocol should allow calling that function via POST http://<serviceroot>/Add()?a=1&b=1 rather than the more complex POST http://<serviceroot>/Add(a=@a,b=@b)?@a=1&@b=1.


Could we open an issue for this idea?



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