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Subject: Edm.TimeOfDay lexical representation should permit 24:00:00 to improve interoperability

CSDL 4.01 permits Edm.TimeOfDay values to range from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.999*.


However existing systems (e.g. SAP backends) frequently utilize 24:00:00 to indicate end-of-day. Requiring these values to be transmitted (e.g. to clients) as 23:59:59.999* could result in round-trip data loss.


In fact such SAP systems (for V2/V4) already will return PT24H or normalization-equivalent (for the V2 format of Edm.Time using XSD duration) or 24:00:00 (for the V4 format of Edm.TimeOfDay using XSD time), which is non-compliant with OData V2-V4 specifications.


To improve interoperability, it would be preferable to standardize this behaviour.


Note that the lexical format for XSD time permits 24:00:00, as it is the left-truncation of dateTime lexical representation, and dateTime lexical representation (see https://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-2/#dateTime) states:


    hh is a two-digit numeral that represents the hour; '24' is permitted if the minutes and seconds represented are zero, and the dateTime value so represented is the first instant of the following day (the hour property of a dateTime object in the ·value space· cannot have a value greater than 23);


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