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Subject: CQL for querying data

Dear Colleagues,

Thanks for the great presentations and meeting notes from todays meeting.

I am curious if CQL [SearchRetrievePt5] has been considered for querying data. CQL can easily handle queries involving multiple predicates and is quite simple, elegant and intuitive to use (and implement). In my experience filter based querying mechanism are complex, klunky and hard to use (and implement).


searchRetrieve: Part 5. CQL: The Contextual Query Language Version 1.0
. 13 April 2012. OASIS Committee Specification 01. http://docs.oasis-open.org/search-ws/searchRetrieve/v1.0/cs01/part5-cql/searchRetrieve-v1.0-cs01-part5-cql.html.

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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