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Subject: Agenda for OData TC meeting 2012.11.01

Here [1] is a draft agenda for the OData TC (Technical Committee) meeting scheduled on Thursday November 1, 2012 during 8-9am PT. For additional information, such as dial-in details and chat room, refer to [2]. Feel free to suggest additions or modifications.




[1] Agenda for 2012.11.01 OData TC meeting


  1. Roll call [8:00am PT]
  2. Approve agenda [8:05am PT]
  3. Approve minutes from previous meeting(s) [8:10am PT]
    1. Minutes from October 25, 2012 TC meeting: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/download.php/47304/odata_meeting-13_on-20121025-minutes.html            


  1. Review action items [Action item list: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/members/action_items.php] [8:15am PT]
    1. Action items due by Nov 1, 2012

                                                               i.      None

    1. Action items NOT due by Nov 1, 2012 but MAY be ready for closure

                                                               i.      Any?

5.       Next meeting [8:20am PT]

    1. Nov 8-9 F2F meeting in Littleton, MA (https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/event.php?event_id=33706)
    2. Any travel related issues (resulting from the recent east coast storm)?
  1. Process issues [Issues list: https://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&mode=hide&pid=10103] [8:25am PT]

a.       Issues in Applied state

                                                               i.      OData ABNF Construction Rules v1.0, OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.       ODATA-155: Allow functions to take properties as parameters when used in system query options

2.       ODATA-132: Support /$count in $filter and $orderby

                                                             ii.      OData ABNF Construction Rules v1.0, OData Protocol v1.0, OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.       ODATA-131Canonical URL for media resources

                                                           iii.      OData ABNF Construction Rules v1.0

1.       ODATA-128Restrict scheme in OData URIs to http and https

                                                           iv.      OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.       ODATA-130: Describe canonical $metadata and $batch URLs in URL conventions

b.      Issues in New and Proposed state

                                                               i.      OData ABNF Construction Rules v1.0

1.       ODATA-80: Add ABNF rules for action parameters in request bodies OData ABNF Construction Rules v1.0

2.       ODATA-67: Describe representation of ReferenceTypes in requests

                                                             ii.      OData ATOM Format v1.0

1.       ODATA-149: Self-link for related and inlined feeds

                                                           iii.      OData CSDL v1.0

1.       ODATA-62: Specify uniqueness of Association names within a Schema

                                                           iv.      OData CSDL v1.0, OData Protocol v1.0, OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.       ODATA-34: Control verbosity of $metadata response: include annotations or documentation

                                                             v.      OData CSDL v1.0

1.       ODATA-119: Allow definition of "simple" types that fix values for facet attributes of primitive types

                                                           vi.      OData Protocol v1.0

1.       ODATA-151: 8.2.5 If-None-Match: describe reaction to If-None-Match header in read requests

2.       ODATA-156: Describe behavior when accessing related entities

3.       ODATA-110Track Prefer Header in Http

4.       ODATA-157: Specify how client correlates requests within a changeset with responses

5.       ODATA-111: Define supported numeric promotions

6.       ODATA-73: Retrieve the count of related entities together with the base entity

                                                          vii.      OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.       ODATA-13A function that returns the current date and time is needed

2.       ODATA-144"Scoping" syntax for $select and $aggregate


  1. AOB and wrap up [8:58am PT]

[2] References


·       Conference call details: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/download.php/46401/TC%20meeting%20dial-in%20details.htm

·       Chat room: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/odatatc


[3] Timeline


Here is a rough draft of a timeline for the OData core specifications:

·       October 20, 2012

o   TC completes end-to-end review of the core specifications and files any remaining issues

·       Nov 8-9, 2012 2nd F2F meeting (Littleton, MA)

o   Discuss proposals and resolve issues

·       Committee Specification Draft 01

·       30-day public review

·       Committee Specification Draft 02

·       15-day public review

·       Committee Specification

·       Candidate OASIS Standard

·       60-day public review

·       OASIS Standard


The timeline for the OData extension specifications is TBD.


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