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Subject: Re: [odata] Extension of APG for case sensitive strings

Hi Ken,

Am 09.11.12 14:03, schrieb kenb:
The program removes unnessary parenthetical grouping (because of the
precedence rules of ABNF) when it is absolutely clear that they are not
needed.  Removing all of the unnecessary parentheses is much harder and
risks producing an expression that has a different meaning in some cases.
Since the generated grammar is not intended to be especially readable,
it will have some unnecessary parentheses ....

thanks for responding so fast. I also understand the focus on machine readability in the output, ... but my point was, the **insertion** of parentheses **where none existed in the input** (not any possibly removable parentheses from the input).

Something like (snippet from the previous mail):

; odata-abnf-construction-rules-v1.0-wd01.txt input
singleNavigation = [ "/" qualifiedEntityTypeName ]
                  ( links "/" navigationProperty
                  /  "/" ( entityColNavigationProperty [

; portion in out_abnf.txt i.e. eapg.jar output (reformatted for
singleNavigation = [ "/" qualifiedEntityTypeName ]
                  ((links "/" navigationProperty)
                  / ("/" ((entityColNavigationProperty [

All the best,

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