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Subject: Minutes uploaded, web service is up to date

Dear all,

the draft for todays minutes has been uploaded and the web service linking the meeting sections and issues has been updated.

The overview is at:

HTML: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues/Meetings?$format=html


Excel: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues/Meetings?$format=xlsx

The individual "meeting traces" of the processed issues ODATA-11, 60, 107, 194, 195, 216, 217, 227, 234 and 235 are at:

ODATA-11:  http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%2811%29/Meetings

ODATA-60:  http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%2860%29/Meetings

ODATA-107: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28107%29/Meetings

ODATA-194: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28194%29/Meetings

ODATA-195: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28195%29/Meetings

ODATA-216: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28216%29/Meetings

ODATA-217: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28217%29/Meetings

ODATA-227: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28227%29/Meetings

ODATA-234: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28234%29/Meetings

ODATA-235: http://oasis.odata.ws/Issues%28235%29/Meetings

Happy "JIRA" updating :-)

All the best,

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