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Subject: Groups - OData Core Part 2: URL Conventions, Version 4.0 uploaded

Submitter's message
Applied issues:

-- Dr. Ralf Handl
Document Name: OData Core Part 2: URL Conventions, Version 4.0

The Open Data Protocol (OData) enables the creation of REST-based data
services, which allow resources, identified using Uniform Resource
Identifiers (URLs) and defined in a data model, to be published and edited
by Web clients using simple HTTP messages. This specification defines a set
of recommended (but not required) rules for constructing URLs to identify
the data and metadata exposed by an OData service as well as a set of
reserved URL query string operators.
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Submitter: Dr. Ralf Handl
Group: OASIS Open Data Protocol (OData) TC
Folder: Working Documents
Date submitted: 2013-02-15 07:21:29
Revision: 14

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