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Subject: For meeting#26: Coupling of issues 268 and 204

Dear all,

please be aware, that at least two issues on todays agenda are coupled (as already noted by Mike inside ODATA-268):

""" ODATA–268

“Use http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/ns/edm/4.0 as the EDM namespace URL” [component: OData CSDL v4.0] is New.

* This depends on resolution of ODATA–204, which suggests to not include version artifacts in namespaces


""" ODATA–204

“Define namespace versioning policy for XML namespaces” [component: OData Protocol v4.0] is New.

* The outcome of this discussion also impacts ODATA–268

@Ralf: Are we ready to resolve ODATA-204 as proposed, or is the pending answer to your "by the way"-question "Btw: why do we need the DataServiceVersion attribute of the DataServices element in addition? In which cases would it differ from the Version attribute of the Edmx element in the same document? " somewhow blocking this :-?

I presume that uestion might go into a separate issue, right?

Since we have a total of 66 issues on the agenda, other couplings may have slipped my attention.

All the best,

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