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Subject: Agenda for OData TC meeting 2013.03.07

Here [1] is a draft agenda for the OData TC (Technical Committee) meeting scheduled on Thursday March 7, 2013 during 8-10am PT. For additional information, such as dial-in details and chat room, refer to [2]. For TC timeline, see [3]. Feel free to suggest additions or modifications.




[1] Agenda for 2013.03.07 OData TC meeting


1.      Roll call [8:00am PT]

2.      Approve agenda [8:05am PT]

3.      Approve minutes from previous meeting(s) [8:10am PT]

a.      Minutes from Feb 28, 2013 TC meeting: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/download.php/48411/odata-meeting-27_on-20130228-minutes.html   


4.      Review action items [Action item list: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/members/action_items.php] [8:15am PT]

a.      Action items due by March 7, 2013

                                               i.          None

b.      Action items NOT due by March 7, 2013 but MAY be ready for closure

                                               i.          Any?


5.      Process issues [Issues list: https://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&mode=hide&pid=10103] [8:20am PT]

a.      Issues in Proposed state (carried over from Feb 21, 2013 TC meeting)

                                               i.          OData CSDL v1.0

1.      ODATA-267 Allow Qualifier attribute on Annotation elements within an Annotations element that does NOT specify a Qualifier attribute [New]

                                              ii.          OData JSON Format v1.0

1.      ODATA-102 5.4.1/2 Representing Actions/Functions Bound to Multiple Entities [Open]

                                             iii.          OData Protocol v1.0

1.      ODATA-37 UPSERT: allow PUT and PATCH to the URL of a not yet existing entity to create this entity [New]

2.      ODATA-42 8.2.5 If-None-Match: clarify use of If-None-Match in data modification or action requests [New]

3.      ODATA-204 Define namespace versioning policy for XML namespaces [New]

4.      ODATA-244 Support navigation properties on complex types [New]

5.      ODATA-260 Make explicit that DELETE on an entity may implicitly change links to and from other entities [New]

                                             iv.          OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.      ODATA-264 Allow omitting parent key(s) in URLs to contained children [New]


b.      Issues in Proposed state (carried over from Feb 28, 2013)

                                               i.          OData ABNF Construction Rules OData Protocol OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-280 Support cast segment in $expand [New]

                                              ii.          OData ATOM Format OData CSDL OData JSON Format OData Protocol OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-276  Fix issues with entity references and rationalize with $links [New]

                                             iii.          OData CSDL

1.      ODATA-275 Clarify that binding parameters for actions and functions cannot be nullable [New]

                                             iv.          OData Protocol OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-274 OData clients should always use PATCH, deprecate PUT [New]

                                              v.          OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-279 Define URL conventions for addressing functions and function imports [New]


c.      Issues in Proposed state (since Feb 28, 2013)

                                               i.          OData ABNF Construction Rules

1.      ODATA-232: Enhance description of normalization procedures (public comment c201301e00001) [New]

                                              ii.          OData CSDL

1.      ODATA-284: Annotating an Annotation [New]

                                             iii.          OData CSDL, OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-270: Collections of Edm.PrimitiveType are problematic in JSON [New]

                                             iv.          OData ABNF Construction Rules, OData Protocol, OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-281: Keep second() as integer, introduce FractionalSeconds [New]

                                              v.          OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-282: Support individual data modification statements within a batch without wrapping in a changeset [New]

2.      ODATA-177: Allow entities to be members of multiple entity sets [Open]

3.      ODATA-159: Handling inline attachments in requests/responses [New]

                                             vi.          OData JSON Format, OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-283: Accept-Charset HTTP Request Header and charset content-type parameter [New]


d.      Issues in Applied state (carried over from Feb 28, 2013)

                                               i.          OData ABNF Construction Rules OData ATOM Format OData CSDL OData JSON Format OData Protocol OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-214 Find consensus on "Additional artifacts"-section of multi component Work Products (and implement accordingly)

2.      ODATA-179 Adapt OData inter document references to new work product structuring of core

                                              ii.          OData ABNF Construction Rules OData URL Conventions

1.      ODATA-215 Remove hour(), minute() and second() query functions and add corresponding overloads to the hours(), minutes(), and seconds() functions

                                             iii.          OData ATOM Format

1.      ODATA-251 Clarify, within [ATOM], that complex types can be annotated

2.      ODATA-250 For instance annotations in Atom, "Annotation" element, "Type", "Term" and "Target" attributes should be lower case

3.      ODATA-178 Enhance abstract, distinguish its content from 1st paragraph of introduction and edit the payload object listing in 2nd para of 1 Introduction

4.      ODATA-147 Add example for $inlinecount representation

5.      ODATA-146 Add example for inlining expanded entities

                                             iv.          OData CSDL

1.      ODATA-273 Clarify whether derived types MUST introduce new properties

2.      ODATA-272 Remove FixedLength facet

3.      ODATA-268 Use http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/ns/edm as the EDM namespace URL

4.      ODATA-237 Require type usage to always specify a qualified name for types other than the built-in primitive types

5.      ODATA-76 Edm.Decimal is a floating-point type

                                              v.          OData CSDL OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-269 Separate Functions and Actions

                                             vi.          OData JSON Format

1.      ODATA-249 "Kind" property should be optional for EntitySets in JSON Service Documents

                                           vii.          OData Protocol v1.0

1.      ODATA-110 Track Prefer Header in Http

2.      ODATA-129 Explicitly mention dynamic navigation properties in

3.      ODATA-261 Improve section The $format System Query Option

4.      ODATA-103 5.4.1 Representing Actions Bound to Multiple Entities: specify treatment of action overloads

                                          viii.          OData URL Conventions v1.0

1.      ODATA-142 Define URL functions geo.distance, geo.length, geo.intersects, and gettotaloffsetminutes

2.      ODATA-140 Describe rules for accessing derived entity and complex types in URLs

3.      ODATA-203 Specify Operator Precedence more clearly

4.      ODATA-104 Consider supporting nullable complex typed properties

5.      ODATA-72 Describe any() and all() lambda filter expressions

6.      ODATA-122 Please clarify the meaning of filter functions applied to DateTimeOffset values


e.      Issues in Applied state (since Feb 28, 2013)

                                               i.          OData CSDL

1.      ODATA-278: Introduce vocabulary _expression_ edm:Url

2.      ODATA-242: Allow Path expressions also for annotations targeting an entity container

3.      ODATA-236: Define maximum length of namespace names and simple identifiers

4.      ODATA-234: Merge Reference and AnnotationReference element

5.      ODATA-173: Define Action values for OnDelete element

6.      ODATA-257: Define standard client-side function for filling URL templates (RFC6570)

                                              ii.          OData CSDL, Vocabularies

1.      ODATA-201: Allow specifying a list of acceptable media types for media entities and named resource properties

                                             iii.          OData CSDL, OData Protocol, Vocabularies

1.      ODATA-43: No indicator for optimistic concurrency control on EntityType or EntitySet level

                                             iv.          OData Protocol, Vocabularies

1.      ODATA-253: Clients should be prepared to handle unadvertised properties

                                              v.          OData ATOM Format

1.      ODATA-20: Feedback to document revision

2.      ODATA-200: Handling of metadata:type attribute

3.      ODATA-254: Selection of individual properties in [ATOM] should not include property name

4.      ODATA-252: Clarify ordering of instance annotations in [ATOM] and [JSON]

                                             vi.          OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-233: Change $batch response code from 202 Accepted to 200 OK

2.      ODATA-157: Specify how client correlates requests within a changeset with responses

3.      ODATA-121: Please clarify whether agents handling DateTimeOffset must preserve the UTC offset

4.      ODATA-265: Allow omitting key properties from PUT and PATCH request bodies and from nested entities in deep-insert requests

                                           vii.          OData ATOM Format, OData CSDL, OData JSON Format

1.      ODATA-258: Advertise function imports in service document

                                          viii.          OData ATOM Format, OData JSON Format, OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-247: More clearly define extensibility of Formats


f.       Issues that appear to require deeper discussion

                                               i.          OData CSDL

1.      ODATA-266: Strengthen the requirements for the URL Attribute in edmx:Reference and edmx:AnnotationReference [New]

2.      ODATA-239: Allowing expressions to be passed as parameters to (super) functions [New]

3.      ODATA-256: Simplify numeric data types [New]

4.      ODATA-271: Support IsAlwaysBindable through annotation, rather than attribute of function/action [New]

                                              ii.          OData Protocol

1.      ODATA-246: IDs should be dereferenceable URIs [New]

2.      ODATA-262 Specify how OData services can be protected against cross-site request forgery (CSRF or XSRF) [Open]

                                             iii.          Vocabularies

1.      ODATA-192 Define core vocabulary term as a replacement for StoreGeneratedPattern attribute [New]


6.       Next meeting [9:58am PT]

a.      March 14, 2013 during 8-9am PT?


7.      AOB and wrap up [9:59am PT]


[2] References

·        Conference call details: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/download.php/46401/TC%20meeting%20dial-in%20details.htm

·        Chat room: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/odatatc


[3] Timeline

·        https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/48148/TC%20Timeline%203.htm


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