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Subject: Subminor tweak ... ?

May I suggest a last change to the Additional artifacts section intro (where applicable) so subminor I found no entry in the Priority list of JIRA :-?)

"It" currently reads (eg. [OData Core Part 1: Protocol, Version 4.0](https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/48963/odata-core-v4.0-wd01-part1-protocol-2013-4-26PR1.docx)):
This prose specification is one component of a Work Product which consists of:

MS Word nags me with suggesting to change "Product which" into either a) "Product, which" or b) "Product that" but not to use "Product which".

My language feeling (ahem whatever that might be for a non-native English speaker) tells me, that in this case we should settle on "Product that", as it is a direct transitive claim further detailing the major fact, and not side stepping to some other "dimension" like in, say eg. "Peter owned a store, which he sold to Mary".

What do the others think?

Now back to the public holiday ;-)


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