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Subject: Processed 15 issues in meeting#39 on 2013-05-30

Dear all,

we processed 15 issues in todays meeting. The list of outgoing state mappings is:

ODATA-220 --> Deferred
ODATA-262 --> Open
ODATA-287 --> Deferred
ODATA-314 --> Open
ODATA-316 --> Open
ODATA-410 --> Closed
ODATA-411 --> Resolved
ODATA-412 --> Resolved
ODATA-413 --> Open
ODATA-414 --> Resolved
ODATA-417 --> Resolved
ODATA-418 --> Resolved
ODATA-420 --> Resolved
ODATA-421 --> Resolved
ODATA-422 --> Resolved

We also already collected the following 48 issues for approval of application in a single motion during face to face meeting on 13th and 14th of June 2013 (listed below in the order of their appearance on the approved agenda of today):

ODATA-401, ODATA-400, ODATA-398, ODATA-394, ODATA-228, ODATA-393, ODATA-375, ODATA-165, ODATA-407, ODATA-389, ODATA-388, ODATA-384, ODATA-383, ODATA-380, ODATA-379, ODATA-378, ODATA-351, ODATA-346, ODATA-153, ODATA-102, ODATA-406, ODATA-397, ODATA-396, ODATA-395, ODATA-387, ODATA-373, ODATA-370, ODATA-365, ODATA-364, ODATA-390, ODATA-376, ODATA-152, ODATA-409, ODATA-408, ODATA-403, ODATA-402, ODATA-399, ODATA-385, ODATA-371, ODATA-369, ODATA-368, ODATA-367, ODATA-366, ODATA-295, ODATA-290, ODATA-392, ODATA-375, and ODATA-404

All the best,


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