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Subject: Sample Statement of Use

Following up from our discussion during the August 15, 2013 TC meeting, here is a sample Statement of Use:


“XYZ has successfully implemented the Committee Specification 01 version (dated August 14, 2013) of the OASIS OData Protocol Version 4.0 in accordance with the Minimal Conformance Level defined in Section 13 of the specification.  This use did not involve interoperation testing with multiple independent implementations”



·         The Statement of Use needs to indicate if the implementation conforms to all or only some of the conformance clauses defined in Section 13. For example, if the implementation supports only some of the conformance clauses, the statement needs to identify them.

·         If the Statement of Use is issued by an OASIS Organizational Member (i.e., an organization), then the statement needs to be endorsed or issued by the organization’s Primary Representative in OASIS. Each organization has a designated OASIS Primary Representative who has the responsibility to act on behalf of that organization.


We need three Statements of Use in order to advance OData v4.0 to Candidate OASIS Standard. If you are implementing OData v4.0, please consider providing a Statement of Use to help advance the specification. Note, the implementation can be a prototype (meaning it need not be a released product or product quality implementation), and is not required to implement all the features. However, the Statement of Use needs to clearly indicate whichever parts of the specification was successfully implemented.



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