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Subject: [odata] Processed 35 issues in meeting#52 on 2013-09-19

Dear all,

we processed 35 issues in todays meeting. The list of 13 issues for the Applied to Closed transition is:

ODATA–469, ODATA–484, ODATA–485, ODATA–486, ODATA–488, ODATA–489, ODATA–495, ODATA–499, ODATA–504, ODATA–506, ODATA–509, ODATA–510, and ODATA–511.

The other processing categorized 21 of the remaining 22 issues into the categories "purely editorial" or "needs discussion".

The following 15 issues are considered "purely editorial":

ODATA-470, ODATA-471, ODATA-473, ODATA-474, ODATA-475, ODATA-477, ODATA-487, ODATA-492, ODATA-502, ODATA-503, ODATA-507, ODATA-508, ODATA-512, ODATA-514, and ODATA-515.

Those 6 "needing discussion" (in varying degree) are:

ODATA-472, ODATA-476, ODATA-478, ODATA-490, ODATA-491, and ODATA-513.

One was considered mostly editorial:


All the best,

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