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Subject: DNS Service Records for OData v4 SRV

Hi,  many of you already know this; however, I would appreciate any help for answers to the following questions my ISP has posed  (I have added my guesses in Red):

To Add Service (SRV Records for your DNS) enter the additional options based on the type of SRV Records that are being added.
•	Service: the name that refers to the desired service. (http://mywebsite.xyz/ODatav4/SRV/)
•	Protocol: the protocol of the desired service; this is usually either TCP or UDP. (ODatav4)
•	Name: the domain name for which this record is valid. (http://mywebsite.xyz/ODatav4/SRV/)
•	TTL: standard time to live field. (32/128)
•	Priority: the priority of the target host, lower value means more preferred. The priority can be any number 0 and 65535 (999)
•	Weight: A relative weight for records with the same priority. Determines which of the records with the same priority are delivered more frequently. Enter the proportional volume of traffic as a percent (99)
•	Port: the TCP or UDP port on which the service is to be found. The port can be any number 0 and 65535 (80/443)
•	Target: the name of the machine providing the service. (ODataSRVR - SQLSRV01)
Has anyone altered the Port setting off of the standard HTTP(s) number(s) to establish a closed user group of OData users or any other type of partial security measure?

Thank-you for your consideration.


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