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Subject: Both document sets passed public review without comments to odata-comments list

Dear all,

just so we all know, I checked https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/odata-comment/201408/maillist.html a few minutes ago and it seems our two document sets in public review both have passed without receiving any comment via that list. Nice!

Looking back on our phase of detailed collection and resolution of issues that lead to the errata embedding documents I have no doubt, that the silence on that list does *not* document missing interest of the general public, but instead shows, that our open worldwide team indeed did a *great* job. This team for me includes the early implementers giving open feedback, the documents editors pushing creative resolutions, and the other committee members reading and accepting these changes.

Closing with a personal note: It has been a great pleasure for me to become a part of this and I am very excited at where the endeavour will lead us next!

All the best,

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