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Subject: Primative literals in URLs

I have a question regarding the use of primitive literals in URLs


In the OData 2 and 3 specs the definition of decimal and double literals define that the literal values must have a suffix of m and d respectively.  As best as I can tell from those specs, the suffixes were required.  However the sample services on OData.org do not required the suffixes.


This was the ABNF from the v2 spec


decimalUriLiteral = decimalLiteral ("M"/"m")

decimalLiteral = sign 1*29DIGIT  ["." 1*29DIGIT]


Next I look at the OData 4 spec and the ABNF for the decimal and double literals do not show the m or d suffixes at all yet the sample v4 services on OData.org do allow the m and d suffixes for decimal and double literals.


Here is the ABNF from the v4 spec


decimalValue = [SIGN] 1*DIGIT ["." 1*DIGIT]


From this, I am inferring that the use of the literal suffixes is optional.  Is that true?  Is there somewhere in the OData v4 spec that defines the literal suffixes that are allowed?




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