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Subject: Summary of May 21, 2015 discussion on goals and priorities for next 12-18 months

Following are my notes from our discussion in our May 21, 2015 OASIS OData TC meeting regarding the goals and accompanying work items to focus on over the course of the next 12-18 months:


1.       Maintain Standard:

a.       Address Errata as they come up

b.      Progress OData V4 Errata 2 to ISO

                                                               i.      Demonstrate interoperability

2.       Increase Adoption by:

a.       Addressing technical adoption blockers/inhibitors

                                                               i.      Targeted, highly-compatible OData 4.1 release

                                                             ii.      JSON format for metadata

                                                            iii.      Publish vocabulary to describe authentication flows

b.      Making OData more approachable through:

                                                               i.      Publishing a profile for simple REST services

                                                             ii.      Producing webinars

                                                            iii.      Publishing samples that begin at a simple starting point and incrementally walk through a scenario

                                                           iv.      Publish "Implementing OData" whitepaper

c.       Making OData service endpoints more discoverable

                                                               i.      Establish an OData endpoint registry, for example, on OData.org

3.       Extend the Protocol by

a.       Publishing Aggregation Extensions for OData

b.      Publishing Temporal Extensions for OData

4.       Evaluate Performance

a.       Is performance suitable for specific scenarios

                                                               i.      i.e., Bulk-load

b.      What optimizations can we apply *where needed*

                                                               i.      Binary protocol

5.       Investigate HTTP 2.0

a.       Server PUSH


I suggest that the next step would be to prioritize and assign dates for each of the deliverables.

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