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Subject: OData TC meeting on Jan 14 canceled - next meeting on Jan 21

It appears that more than a few of us may not be able to attend the OData TC meeting on Jan 14. I suggest that we cancel this week’s meeting. We will meet next on Jan 21 at the usual time. In the meanwhile, please, if you can, make progress on preparing concrete proposals for the following issues [1], so we can have a productive session on Jan 21st.


On Jan 21st, we will discuss those issues, and also a plan for landing the various docs in flight. Here is a projection of what the status of the various docs may be by June 2016. We will discuss and refine.

  • OData v4 Errata (Approved Errata)
  • OData v4.1 (Committee Specification Draft 01)
  • Extensions for Data Aggregation (Committee Specification 02)
  • Extensions for Temporal Data (Committee Specification Draft 01)
  • OData JSON Schema for CSDL (Committee Specification 01)

Thank you.


[1] Issues to tackle on Jan 21

·        V4.01 issues

    1. Simplified Syntax

                                                    i.     ODATA-664             Consider supporting parameterless function imports with no parens

                                                   ii.     ODATA-812             Allow omitting namespaces for unambiguous functions/actions

                                                  iii.     ODATA-763             Allowing implicit aliasing of parameters (public comment c201412e00001)

                                                  iv.     ODATA-799             Define Key-As-Segment URL convention for resource paths

                                                   v.     ODATA-834             Make type prefix optional for enumeration literals in URLs

    1. Adoption Blocker

                                                    i.     ODATA-881             Add support for Edm.Untyped

                                                   ii.     ODATA-876             Allow services to return contained entities inline for delta responses

    1. Simplified Payload

                                                    i.     ODATA-561             odata.type shouldn't require "#" for primitive types

                                                   ii.     ODATA-630             Consider making odata the default namespace for annotations

                                                  iii.     ODATA-813             Allow no metadata for non-OData clients

                                                  iv.     ODATA-814             Don't need TargetId in a deleted link for a to 0..1 relationship

                                                   v.     ODATA-818             Omit properties whose value is null or the $metadata-defined default value

                                                  vi.     ODATA-809             Define non-message format for final response of async request

    1. Set Operations

                                                    i.     ODATA-666             Define Deep Update and Deep Upsert operations

                                                   ii.     ODATA-836             Allow applying actions to a filtered collection of entities

                                                  iii.     ODATA-613             Allow POST to entity sets using the delta-response format

                                                  iv.     ODATA-615             Allow PATCH and DELETE with $filter on collections to modify or delete all (and only) the matching entities

                                                   v.     ODATA-616             Allow POST to collections of complex and primitive types, and DELETE with $filter

                                                  vi.     ODATA-820             Allow indexing into collections


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