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Subject: Re: [odata] Resignation from co-Chair role

Dear TC members,

I hereby second Ram suggesting Mike Pizzo as co-Chair on behalf of just myself.

Ram, I thank you for all your contributions to the fantastic epoch of this TC and learned a lot from you. I wish you all the best for your
current role as a member of the OASIS board of Directors.

All the best,
On 12/12/16 20:11, Ram Jeyaraman wrote:
> Dear TC members,
> Due to shifts in my job responsibilities, I need to step back from my
> role as co-Chair of the OData TC. I want to thank Ralf Handl (my fellow
> co-Chair) for graciously covering for me over the last several months. I
> hereby submit my resignation from the co-Chair position effective Dec
> 12, 2016. Though I am stepping back from the co-Chair role, I will
> continue to contribute in ways I can including in my current role as one
> of the OASIS Board of Directors. Microsoft is fully committed to
> advancing the OData work forward. On behalf of Microsoft, I nominate
> Mike Pizzo to be considered for the co-Chair position.
> Thank you.

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