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Subject: Topics for next meeting

I’d like to discuss:

1)      When do we release the new vocabularies?

a.       Will the new vocabularies be marked as v4.0 or v4.01?  (I think answer is already v4.0)

2)      The specification of Actions is not intuitive to me. 

a.       Why would redfish specify the binding parameter with type  MyType.Actions?

                                                               i.      Unclear why it isn’t defined with type: MyType.MyType

b.      Is the value of the binding parameter intended to be a reference to the property Actions?

c.       How are ‘by value’ or ‘by reference’ semantics communicated in a parameter specification?

d.      <Schema xmlns="http://docs.oasis-open.org/odata/ns/edm" Namespace="MyType">

<EntityType Name=" MyType">		
<Property Name="Actions" Type=" MyType.Actions" Nullable="false"/>

<Action Name="MyAction" IsBound="true">
<Parameter Name="MyType" Type="MyType.Actions"/>

<ComplexType Name="Actions">
<Annotation Term="OData.AdditionalProperties" Bool="false"/>
<Property Name="Oem" Type=" MyType.OemActions" Nullable="false"/>

<ComplexType Name="OemActions">
<Annotation Term="OData.AdditionalProperties" Bool="true"/>



George Ericson

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Twitter: @GEricson

Address: 228 South Street, Hopkinton, MA, 01748-2233


EA: Christine Carey | O: +1 508.249.9232 | E: Christine.Carey@Dell.com



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