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Subject: Function Import questions

I am trying to come up with an example of using a function import in a $filter _expression_.  I am not having much luck using the TripPin Service.


I can execute the function import query




and it returns the Person Russel Whyte


Then I try to execute the same function import and navigate to the LastName property of the Person returned



This returns a 500 response with the message “The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.”


Question 1:  Should I be able to navigate to a property of an Entity returned by the function import?


Finally I try using the function import in a $filter _expression_


http://services.odata.org/TripPinRESTierService/(S(2yexst3navg3ksybtvafe0ux))/People?$filter=LastName eq Microsoft.OData.Service.Sample.TrippinInMemory.Models.GetPersonWithMostFriends()/LastName


This also returns a 500 response with the message “An error has occurred”.  I suspect this query may be failing for the same reason as the previous query.  I realize this is a contrived query since I can get the desired result by calling the function import directly.


Question 2: Should I be able to use a function import in the $filter _expression_ as in the above query?




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