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Subject: Proposal to create an OASIS account on SwaggerHub

Dear TAB members,

I hereby propose to evaluate creation of an account on the commercial SwaggerHub offering at https://swaggerhub.com


Members of the DSS-X and OData comittees have identified opportunities to ease enabling the use of their respective workproducts for the market.

Sample Usage for OData TC:

Given such an account the OData TC members could then publish there the OpenAPI-Descriptions for the public sample services on www.odata.org. D

As these are only few services, they can easily create them manually there and keep those up to date / in sync with the changes made in the future.

Sample Usage for DSS-X TC:

Given such an account we could help implementers let create ready made API implementations of our upcoming DSS Version 2.0 workproducts for JSON in whatever supported host language they require to evaluate and then only later be forced to implement themselves a production ready implementation later by them selves.

For now the storage inside the github TC repository alone does not enable this easy usage.

Looking forward to a positive evaluation and subsequent usage,

All the best,

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