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odata message

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Subject: Request a TC GitHub version control instance be created

Submitted on Friday, May 25, 2018 - 08:54
Submitted by user:
Submitted values are:

Your name: Ralf Handl
TC name: Open Data Protocol (OData)
TC email address: odata@lists.oasis-open.org
GitHub repository name: odata-abnf
Mike Pizzo, mikepizzo, mikep@microsoft.com
Ralf Handl, ralfhandl, ralf.handl@sap.com

Description: ABNF for OData URLs, headers, and literal data values
Purpose statement : This repository contains ABNF-based grammars for OData
Uniform Resource Identifiers, request and response headers, and literal data
values in request and response bodies. Each grammar is accompanied by a set
positive and negative test cases that serve as examples for what is intended
not intended, and that can also be used to automatically test the grammars.

The results of this submission may be viewed at:

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