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Subject: Preliminary Information for August Face to Face

Our September OASIS OData TC face to face meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 27th - Friday, September 28th.  We will also be holding informal preparatory meetings on Tuesday, September 25th and Wednesday, September 26th, open to any members who wish to attend.


All meetings will take place on the Microsoft Corporate Campus, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA, USA.  The nearest airport is SeaTac airport, approximately 20 miles to the South. There are a variety of transportation options for getting around Seattle, including shuttle buses, taxis, Uber, Lyft, or rental cars available to get to Microsoft.  Unfortunately, the light rail route to the East side will not be completed in time for our face-to-face.


I am working on nailing down a conference room, but expect it to be in or around Microsoft Building 27.


By far the closest hotel is the Redmond Extended Stay America, located directly across a side street from building 27.


Other nearby hotels within walking distance include the Redmond Aloft hotel, the Redmond Elements, or (for those that like a little longer walk) the Silver Cloud Inn Redmond.


The Bellevue Red Lion is another popular hotel, but you would need to arrange transportation to get to/from Microsoft.


Note that I have never stayed at any of these hotels, so please check Yelp, Expedia, or your favorite review site for information on accommodations.


Onsite Contact:

Mike Pizzo (mikep@microsoft.com)

+1 425 765-2286

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