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Subject: RE: JSON-LD interoperability with OData

Hi George,


JSON-LD allows interpreting any given JSON dialect as JSON-LD by including a Link header pointing to a JSON-LD context document.


This can be used to interpret OData JSON as JSON-LD.


The hard part however is creating the JSON-LD context document that maps the service-specific structured types and their properties to those Linked Data constructs the JSON-LD client/consumer is interested in.





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Sent: Montag, 15. Juli 2019 18:53
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Subject: [odata] JSON-LD interoperability with OData


I'm seeing projects that have started with RDF and LDP.   I'm interested in interoperability with an OData ecosystem.

I don't see much about interoperability with JSON-LD or RDF concepts, but they are intuitively not very different from OData.

Has anyone done work in that space?

Is utilization of JSON-LD simple are hard in the context of OData?



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