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Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] [odata] Status of the Rapid

The previous two meetings have been largely focused on aggregation extensions.


Today we discussed binary formats for about 30 minutes and spent the rest of the time walking through the RSDL.  Christof has a PR that he made against the standard-api repo that he'll copy over to the oasis repo and update based on today's discussion.


As far as the existing packages, it may still be interesting to be able to generate CSDL from a GraphQL compatible syntax, not as a core part of RAPID but as part of our "integration with other technologies".  What do other folks think?


Both Christof and I are out next week, but assuming that Ralf can chair and we have quorum the main agenda item should be going through the backlog of items in the RAPID repo to prioritize and figure out who can work on what moving forward.


From my part, I'd like to better understand how a GraphQL client could call an OData service.  There have been a few investigations at Microsoft and in the industry, such as the use of "GraphQL Mesh", which has an odata handler (https://graphql-mesh.com/docs/handlers/odata/).


Does that help?

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [odata] Status of the Rapid



Due to the conflicting call, I have at the time (GraphQL Spec group and Managers meeting) I could not attend fully last couple calls. 
Do we have any TL:DR on what is the direction Rapid is going and how individuals like me can help.

I seen we have PR created but there is not much traction to get it merged.

From my point of view ideally, we should be:
- Deprecating existing packages (those on NPM)
- Clear repository from the packages that were created

- Review and Push C# based parser - I assume that this is 100% go?
- Put new plan into the repo and ramp up progress.





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