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Subject: Agenda for OData TC meeting on 2021-10-07

Here [1] is a draft agenda for the OData TC (Technical Committee) meeting scheduled on Thursday October 07, 2021 during 8-10 am PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST).


For TC timeline, see [2].


Feel free to suggest additions or modifications.




[1] Agenda


     1. Roll call [8:00 am]

          a.  Self-registration link: https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/odata/event.php?event_id=50894


     2. Approve agenda [8:05 am]


     3. Approve minutes from previous meeting(s) [8:10 am]

          a.  Minutes from September 30, 2021 TC meeting: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/69101/Minutes%20of%202021-09-30%20Meeting%20%23361.docx


     4. Review action items [8:15 am]

          a.  Upcoming

              i.   #0043 Comparison between msgpack and compressed JSON â Christof Sprenger â 2021-12-09

              ii.  #0039 Concept for Compact JSON data format â Hubert Heijkers â 2021-12-15

              iii. #0037 Concept for binary data format â Hubert Heijkers â 2021-12-15


     5. Temporal Data [8:20 am]

          a.  Public Review for CSD01 has ended

              i.   Comment Resolution Log: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/69047/odata-temporal-ext-v4.0-csd01-comment-resolution-log.xlsx

          b.  Issues: NEW or OPEN

              i.   ODATA-1474 Add example for timeline entity set requiring an object key definition

          c.  Document walkthrough

              i.   https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/69111/odata-temporal-ext-v4.0-wd02-2021-10-01.docx


     6. RAPID Profile for OData [8:40 am]

          a.  Pull Requests

          b. Issues


     7. Issues [8:50 am]

         a. V4.01 Errata: NEW or OPEN with concrete proposal

+            i.   ODATA-1370 CSDL XML Section 12.9 "Parameter" mixing with "overload" causes ambiguity, particularly with regard to parameter ordering

+            ii.  ODATA-1378 Clarify use of $root with function imports

              iii. ODATA-1387 Difference between Asynchronous and Repeatable Requests

             iv. ODATA-1397 Example 86 applies an entity type as term

             v.  ODATA-1398 Improve text and examples for JSON and multipart batch

             vi. ODATA-1407 No way to $select instance annotations on primitive types

+            vii. ODATA-1410 $expand: clarify that property *paths* must not appear twice

+            viii.    ODATA-1411 $expand: Discrepancy in argument descriptions

+            ix. ODATA-1419 Use of Core.ContentID by clients if service does not reference Core vocabulary

+            x.  ODATA-1422 Clarify $select behavior for stream properties

+            xi. ODATA-1424 OData 4.01 JSON "Delta Responses" doesn't describe use of "@id" (or "@odata.id") for Added/Changed Entity

+            xii. ODATA-1432 Clarify wording in Section 7.2, Type Facets

+            xiii.    ODATA-1437 Update a Collection Property: reference section 11.4.11 Positional Inserts

             xiv.    ODATA-1450 Key with PropertyRef using navigation path incompatible with Protocol 11.4.2 "Create an Entity"

             xv. ODATA-1462 in operator should allow empty collection literals

+            xvi.    ODATA-1464 Remove section Function odata.matchesPattern

+            xvii.   ODATA-1465 Clarification: Delete supported for Nullable single-valued navigation properties

+            xviii.   ODATA-1469 Clarify $select behavior for properties of "null" instances

+            xix.    ODATA-1478 7.2.3 Precision: clarify absence of $Precision for DateTimeOffset


         b.  Data Aggregation: NEW or OPEN

              i.   ODATA-1442 Update Aggregation ABNF with changes from previous issues

              ii.  ODATA-1458 Clarify representation of navigation properties in response that are expanded by $apply

              iii. ODATA-1459 Clarify representation of property paths with leading segments being null

              iv. ODATA-1460 Aggregation.ApplySupportedDefaults: use PATCH logic when overriding with ApplySupported

              v.  ODATA-1468 Simple grouping by instance annotations

              vi. ODATA-1477 Aggregation on different levels


         c. Vocabularies: NEW or OPEN with concrete proposal

             i.   ODATA-1336 Querying âJSON propertiesâ

                  1.  https://github.com/oasis-tcs/odata-vocabularies/pull/157

             ii.  ODATA-1358 Detach textual descriptions from operation restriction terms in Capability vocabulary

             iii. ODATA-1394 Add full-fledged support for ISO 8601-1 duration

             iv. ODATA-1412 Capabilities vocabulary: Add EntityContainer as annotation target

+            v.  ODATA-1416 Dynamic capabilities for containment cases

             vi. ODATA-1453 Capabilities.SearchRestrictions/UnsupportedExpressions: description of default value "none" is misleading

             vii. ODATA-1467 Keep a CHANGELOG.md, use Semantic Versioning for each vocabulary

             viii.    ODATA-1471 Core.ContentDisposition for media resources


         d. Vocabularies: NEW or OPEN that need more discussion

             i.   ODATA-1326 Enhance syntax of term Validation.OpenPropertyTypeConstraint

                  1. https://github.com/oasis-tcs/odata-vocabularies/pull/59/files

             ii.  ODATA-1253 Abstract type definition Core.Number as a super-type of all numeric types

             iii. ODATA-1214 Annotate constructor actions

             iv. ODATA-1140 Add details to HttpResponse

             v.  ODATA-1107 Introduce instance annotation to specify which types an instance "implements"

             vi. ODATA-1060 Improve specification of element response requirements

             vii. ODATA-884 Allow describing possible responses to requests for a particular resource (public comment c201510e00019)


         e. V4.01 Errata: NEW or OPEN that need more discussion

             i.   ODATA-1360 Clarify that clients have to do content-ID replacing to interpret Location headers in batch results

             ii.  ODATA-1379 Consider adding railroad diagrams for the URL syntax

             iii. ODATA-1428 Definition of service-specific client-side functions

             iv. ODATA-1457 Potential confusion wrt Content-Type header for media entities

             v.  ODATA-1475 How to search for double quotes

             vi. ODATA-1476 JSON batch body encoding for "text" content types may cause conversion errors or data loss


         f. V4.02: NEW or OPEN with concrete proposal

             i.   ODATA-1338 Alternative representation of entity references using key properties

             ii.  ODATA-1364 Define ExpandOptions for nav property in $select

             iii. ODATA-1388 Make key aliases optional, clarify multiple to-one navigation hops

             iv. ODATA-1389 New control information @fileName / @odata.fileName

             v.  ODATA-1405 /$query shall allow Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

             vi. ODATA-1435 Conditionally add an element to a collection

             vii. ODATA-1438 New preference return=keys

             viii.    ODATA-1441 New query option $expect combining $expand and $select


         g. V4.02: NEW or OPEN that need more discussion

             i. currently 30 issues


     8. Next meetings [9:50 am]

          a.  Thursday October 14, 2021 during 8-10 am PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST)

          b.  Thursday October 21, 2021 during 8-10 am PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST)

          c.  Thursday October 28, 2021 during 8-10 am PDT (17:00-19:00 CEST)

          d.  Thursday November 04, 2021 during 8-10 am PDT (16:00-18:00 CET â one hour earlier than usual)


9. AOB and wrap up [9:55 am]



[2] Timeline

     1.  https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/68135/TC-Timeline-2021-01-07.docx




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