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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - June 27, 2006 - Minutes

Hi all,

Here are my notes from our last ODF Adoption TC call.

Best regards,

Charles Schulz, Ars Aperta
Donald Harbison, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Roger Hurwitz, Intel Corporation
Carol Geyer, OASIS
Erwin Tenhumberg, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, The OpenDocument Foundation, Inc.

Louis Suarez-Potts had a conflict
Alan Milnes, IBM had a conflict

We did not have a quorum! Thus, no decisions were made.

Don updated the attendance data on the web for the previous meeting,
so that going forward the membership status on OASIS will change for
those who do not frequently show up.

OpenDocument Format Focus Area on xml.org
We have a framework up and running.
The template was copied from DITA.
There will still be references to DITA.
We can start creating pages.
We decided, not to have a separate editorial board mailing list during
initial the editorial board call.
Instead, we will use the TC mailing list.
We will also use the TC calls to discuss the focus area.
Anybody can register for the focus area.
For editorial board privileges people have to contact Carol.
Martha and Erwin are currently editors.
Editorial board privileges are required for the knowledge base.
Editorial board membership is not connected with sponsorship.

For the start we want to reuse existing content like the draft white
paper content.
We should check the DITA knowledge base for ideas.

Our knowledge base should cover the following topics:

* Overview
* History
* Accessibility
* Performance
* Security
* Developer tools
* Tutorials
* Conformance
* Positioning

With respect to positioning we might want to setup a forum.
Carol will provide instructions for editors.
She will send them to the TC list.

For the first release of the focus area we want to focus on:

* What is ODF?
* Benefits
* History
* ODF Roadmap

For more technical contributions people from the TC might be
interested in helping with the focus area as well.
We can invite a few external people to help with some content,
i.e. subject matter experts can lead and moderate discussions
in forums.

Who is our target audience?
We could create content for different audiences, but focusing
on generic information first might be more feasible.

Carol will go on vacation on Friday.
She will be back on July 12.
We won't have a meeting on July 4.

Potential external content contributors:

* Jean-Marie Guarne, Genicorp
* J. David Eisenberg

Erwin will check with ODF bloggers.

Drupal supports special character sets.
Thus, we can create native-language areas at some point.

OpenOffice.org Conference Update
The agenda is currently being defined based on the submitted abstracts
and the votes/rankings from the selection committee members. Several
ODF sessions have been submitted and according to the votes there
should be an ODF track at the OpenOffice.org conference.

Charles is trying to setup a round table about ODF including people
* Eduardo Gutentag, Sun
* Doug Heintzman or Bob Sutor, IBM

There might be an additional business day for French companies
interested in ODF.
The goal would be to invite CIO's/CEO's of larger French companies.
Charles is checking the availability of IBM France.
The event will be in French and will probably take place on Tuesday.

ODF Alliance now has 225 members.

Gary suggested to proactively notify bloggers, so that
they become less reactive to public news.

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