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odf-adoption message

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Subject: ODF Adoption TC Call - July 11, 2006 - Minutes

Roll Call

Erwin Tenhumberg, Sun Microsystems
Gary Edwards, ODF Alliance
Waldo Bastian, Intel
Louis Suarez-Potts, Individual (OpenOffice.org)
Carol Geyer, OASIS
Donald Harbison, IBM
Alan Milnes, IBM

Lotzi Bölöni, University of Central Florida

Acceptance of minutes

The minutes from the meeting on 27th June 2006 were accepted without

ODF Test Suite by the University of Central Florida

Lotzi Bölöni provided an overview of his work in collaboration with Intel.
This was not really a Test Suite but a set of 300 documents highlighting
all aspects of ODF, of which more than 200 have been developed. Application
specific metadata was stripped out. The work can be seen at
http://netmoc.cpe.ucf.edu/Projects/OpenDocument/TestSuite.html.  The
student involved is supported by Intel and Lotzi volunteers his time. Erwin
encouraged Lotzi to feed back any issues to the ODF TC developing the
specification. Erwin asked how can we build on this? One possibility would
be to add this to the Google Summer of Code, another would be to create a
focus area on XML.org.

Microsoft's ODF announcement

Erwin summarised this - on one hand it was great that there was a customer
demand for ODF but we need to ensure that ODF is fully accepted as the
standard by customers rather than being a fall-back. Need to have an easy
summary of the various features of applications implemented in ODF
supporting applications. This could highlight any issues / benefits with
the various implementations. This could be a spreadsheet or a part of the
XML web site (http://opendocument.xml.org/).  Agreed that we should ensure
that all product listings are there as a starting point. We will start with
all representatives on the call making sure their companies products are
listed.  Carol is willing to contact other companies as needed.

Progress on deliverables

Erwin will move some of his content from the white paper onto the website.

Open Office.org Conference

Erwin noted that there would probably be an ODF track on the Wednesday
only. Don asked if the round table would be going ahead - he noted that Bob
Sutor needed to know very soon if he was to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at this stage.


Alan Milnes
IT Architect
Outsourcing Infrastructure Solutions
Service Delivery Operations
IT Delivery Operations (UK, Ireland and South Africa)
IBM Global Technology Services, EMEA

Tel: (+44) [0] 7764-660 709 (Mobex: 272952)
Internet: milnea@uk.ibm.com

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